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Chantal Meza: painting, color, shape and vibration

I was born in October 1989 in a beautiful and quiet town, Tecali, located in Puebla de los Angeles. My training as a painter has been self-taught; The abstraction more than a conscious decision was a pleasure since I was little, but being a painter was something I chose. Since I was a child I had the ability to draw and create, the opportunities were presented alone. At the age of 12 I took my first painting class. There, we had to choose between several books an image to be painted, I was struck by an abstract sculpture made of silver. That was my first painting; from that moment I have not stopped painting and drawing.

My themes are human intricacies; my great inspiration has been the cosmos, the one that seems to be so far, the one that we have inside, the one we are. I am aware that I have just begun my journey through Art, but I am quite sure of something: without painting I would not be able to understand or live the world. My path has now become intertwined with the social, and would be inevitable and unforgivable not to turn to see what is happening in our country. My projects, my language, have taken that course, trying to build the sublime from my work. I believe that the creators need to surrender completely; in this moment in which humanity goes through strong shakes there is no time for mediocrity.

A fundamental part of my painting and training as a person has been my family. I come from a family of artisans; for several generations have been dedicated to that: my father was a artisan for more than 40 years. In Tecali the stone has been worked for a long time and the handicraft work of onyx and marble is a tradition. The plots and shapes of the stone, its colors and textures are the immediate influence of my painting; that memory of the stone is reflected in my creative processes. When painting I have always felt the need to use more my hands than brushes; I didn't know why, but using my hands gives me the freedom to create; recently I discover that using them is natural in me because they are the tool of the artisan.

The stone, the hands, the painting, are my family. I cut, choose, stroke, leap, and feel the shapes until they flow, that has been an essential part of my training. Creating, makes me feel sane in life, is my way of understanding it, of being able to process everything I observe. The words or the normal way in which people communicate is not enough to me. To create for me, is truly the life itself, that's what I am. I think I'm paint, color, shape and vibration ... Yes, that's me.

Chantal Meza